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Hi everyone.

Its been a while since I really posted anything here. A lot has changed recently and my personal goals have changed some. To reflect that, I have changed my blog so please come across and join me at Moustachioed Bear Creations, my new blog that includes most of my crochet and handmade items for sale, my photos, and other ramblings…

I love you all!!

Page 11 of this months @molliemakes includes my photo!!! Wahoo😍 and thank you very much @thesavvycrafter for choosing it!!!

Got my crochet inspired tattoo today! skull wool and cross hooks. I am in love!!! ❤ Thanks again @adamcornishtattooer

I’m at work today but couldn’t resist picking these cute cards and stickers up on my dinner. I have just set up a Facebook page for my Crochet and I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you could all go and like and share it for me!! If you have a page let me know and I’ll come visit your place too!!! Thank you everyone!! The link is in my Profile! ❤❤❤

I’ve been asked to make A Zombie. I think I’m having way too much fun as I’ve totally started to design my own pattern as the online ones are rubbish. Hope you like this Rot Pilgrim!!!

Here he is. A completed Señor Cactus for @adamcornishtattooer I am we’ll proud of this one mate, you’re getting the best yet!!

Now I’m feeling slightly better after my first decent nights sleep in ages, I’m working out my next project. A skull and crossbones cushion cover. Wish me luck!!!

Look what I finished!! My Yummy plump Mandala cushion. I am so happy with it and I learnt so much. It’s taken me quite a while, given me a sore shoulder, but, with the power of the X-Files, Iced Tea and Rob as my colour consultant, I have finished it. I’ll post a picture of the back soon!!

@thepeopleshop these look like beautiful prizes!!

Spent time relaxing and playing with different weights of yarn this evening. The Red is Aran and the gray is dk. I like the mixture, the softness and colour mix. I think I’ll make this into a brooch. Good night everybody! 🌸



Make this adorable Sweetheart Bunny for your friends and family to show them your love this Valentine’s Day!  Or make one for yourself ^__^  This little sweetie with her dainty heart and pretty bow will warm your heart! 

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It’s been a long time since I put a proper selfie up. Here is me, in the freezing foggy cold, with a numb photo taking thumb, waiting for the dog to stop licking ice puddles.

I’ve added the source for the talanted VeraBee

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